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I came across this excellent article from a mom who has seen first-hand the things I’ve only experienced second-hand (from others), or studied. I cannot say enough how much I STRIVE to learn from others who have gone before me (“no trial has overtaken you that is not faced by others…” 1Cor 10:13), and this subject is just one of those.

If you learn well from reading books, I suggest you take a look at Cal Newport’s ‘Digital Minimalism’ and Leonard Sax’s library (‘Girls on the Edge’, ‘Boys Adrift’, and ‘The Collapse of Parenting’). If you’re up for a shorter read, check out this one mom’s story. She makes some great references to behaviors as they relate to physical development (the adult female brain makes different decisions than the adolescent female’s. Your daughter will not make the same decisions as you with her smartphone/multi-media accounts. Period.)

Love them through your awareness, your boundaries, and your involvement. Have thoughts about this? Feel free to comment below.…/can-you-raise-a-teen-without-a…

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